Frank Ocean: Hipster Cool or Mainstream Innovator?

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  • While I agree that his voice is lackluster, there’s something in his laidback delivery that strikes me as cool. I have both the Mixtape and channelORANGE, and I have a few jams that I ride to. And let’s face it, there are a few voices out there in the music industry, most technically enhanced, who lack the artistry that this man posesses in his pinky.

    • I totally agree sir. Especially on the “technically enhanced” aspect. Do we even really know what people sound like anymore? It is a little frightening. He is definitely a true artist but how will consumerism devour him? With this industry, there really is no way to know if he’ll stick or slide down into nothing like Ciara, Ashanti, Bobby Valentino and J Holiday.

    • I agree. It just seems like artists like Frank Ocean tend to make a big splash and then fade away. People think it is cool to be different i.e. artistic, until the next new thing comes around. It’s sad.