A Beyoncé Documentary? Is This Just Her Effort to Seem More Human?

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  • Urbana Junkie

    As much as I don’t want to watch this show and agree with your sentiments, I know that somehow, somewhere I will watch the it. I too am intrigued as to why she would do this as this woman has built a wall of privacy around her private life, (which as much as I have my gripes about her, I have respected). I think that this show is more about publicity if anything else, as I am very cynical that Bey would all of a sudden decide to disclose ‘intimate’ portrayals about herself for no reason.

    • Right. It just seems far too random and out of the blue to be totally genuine. Plus, she has been literally everywhere lately. She is even on the side of the Pepsi can, geez. I think this is just a part of a major publicity blitz before she goes to have another child or something.

      Thanks for contributing to the convos:)