Why Everyone Needs to Chill Out About the TLC Biopic

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  • J. B.

    I have been a TLC fan For 18 years, and I am just happy that they are making a movie, period. I agree that it is too early to make any judgement calls on whether these actors can play their roles well or not. Will I be disappointed if they do a poor job? Probably. Will I be REALLY disappointed? No, it’s a made-for-TV movie, did we expect them to hire big name actors? It’s VH1 for goodness sake, come on now! I’m just happy they are making a film celebrating TLC.

    • Daren Jackson

      I agree. Let’s just see how good of a job they do with telling their whole story. And I also hope that some of the younger crowd can get to know them a little better. They really paved the way for a lot of today’s acts.

  • jamie

    actually, T-Boz has said herself that this movie will be in select theaters as well. So the movie will premiere on VH1 and another edition will be in select theaters as well.

    • Daren Jackson

      I didn’t know that. I hope all of the girls deliver. This is the one opportunity to do it right.