New Video: Tamar Braxton – The One

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  • Ebony

    I actually enjoyed the treatment. To me it was about a couple just enjoying each other. The lyrics speak to not needing anybody else and feeling completed. I think by doing regular things we could all do and just having fun made the song relateable to the average person. Since this is Tamars break out career I’m sure she wanted it focused around her rather than her relationship with her husband so I was okay with her keeping it separate. I enjoyed the video and the song.

    • I thought the video was pretty cute as well. But, I must say, I have never seen someone shoot their video at like 7 months preggers. She is truly a committed artist.

    • BReale

      I loved the concept as well! Every video does not have to be deep – it provided the viewers an opportunity to use their imagination. The message is fun and so is the video to match.

      I found it refreshing that she shot a full-body video very pregnant. It’s refreshing to she her with a man who still loved and wanted to have fun with her while pregnant.

      There are so many misogynistic videos out there right now with women wearing little to nothing that having a video like this one – celebrating life and love – is nothing short of a brilliant idea. Sad but true.

      • Daren W. Jackson

        You make some really good points here. I thought she might not do a video for this song because she was pregnant, but it is great to see someone embracing their pregnancy in this way. She didn’t even attempt to hide it.
        And I love the part where she is dancing on the pier.