Jenn M. Jackson Says, “Cheerios Commercial Philosophers, Have Several Seats”

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  • IamSincire

    Agreed. I first saw this ad after General Mills disabled the comments. So I didn’t see the vitriol. I thought it was cute, like all the other Cheerios commercials. Kudos to GM for not pulling the ad. For not deferring to YouTube trolls. For successfully harnessing the power of the social media engine that thrives on views. Controversy boosts visibility. It drives viewership and creates brand recognition, which is always good for business. In addition to the indicators you talk about in your piece, I think the GM ad holds its ground because at the end of the day you just have to sell cereal and leave politics out of it.

    • Right. Cheerios will be Cheerios. General Mills will be General Mills. But, the folks who have politicized this need to reflect on their motives.