Kanye Confirms He Is Crazy to New York Times

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  • Toni

    Unfortunately we live in a world where fan worship and celebrity idolization enables people like this to carry on with clearly unrealistic visions of themselves and their contributions to the world.

    He’s definitely driven and he’s certainly seeing the fruit of his success. I don’t know what could possibly make him get a grip, since so long as he’s rich and successful there’s no need for him to get a grip.

    And that’s scary.

    • Daren Jackson

      What’s really scary is that even if his success wanes, that just emboldens him and proves that “THE MAN” was instrumental in his plight. He’s set himself up in a way that he believes the world revolves around him, and when it doesn’t, it must be some nefarious plot.

      No breaking that cycle of lunacy. It’s iron clad.