The Non-Drama of Meagan Good’s “Revealing” Dress

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  • GoodLooknOut

    It looks great on her BUT even if I possessed the same body type or a body type of equal value it’s still too revealing for my taste. #Imjustsayin

    • I would agree that it is extremely revealing. But, part of me is like, how many dresses worn by Hollywood starlets aren’t revealing? I think I have come to expect some boobage at these shows. So, I was pleased that she wore it well rather than having some untimely slippage issues or something. Thanks for commenting:)

  • Nicole

    Very well said!!!

  • Jeaneen Benson

    I think she looked stunning.. and my GOD.. it’s an award show… a music award show so the looks are generally more edgy. But whatever… it’s all in good fun and it doesn’t make her anything but a child of GOD… ((shrugs)) what a non-issue. Same folks hollerin have probably shown their flapjacks on more than one occasion… smdh!

  • L. Providence

    I constantly say this.. and I will probably need to say this for like.. ever: People need to get hobbies. I don’t see how Good’s dress has any importance on anyone’s life at all. Good’s dress is not paying my bills or putting food on my table — so it does not bother me. I’m going to need all these ‘God fearing folks’ to have several seats, open up their Bibles & turn off BET. Ugh, I cant.


    • Amen.

    • Jeaneen Benson

      Where’s the LIKE button when you need it??? Chile… AMEN….

  • Chocolate Vent

    You left out the part about her wearing that dress while presenting a GOSPEL award. I don’t care for her dress but only a fool would think that dress is appropriate for that category.

    People also fail to mention that her husband preached about abstinence & how deeply rooted he was in his faith prior to marriage. Why on earth would he be okay with his wife showing his goods to the whole world? She may be new to the church, but he isn’t.

    BET should’ve checked her wardrobe before letting her on stage.

    • Wowo C

      I agree. In Hollywood, it’s perfectly ok to show off your body because there is no accountability. In this case, I would have to question where both Mr. and Mrs. Franklin’s heads were when deciding on that dress for the event. It is about two things clearly, one, this couple’s heart is at a place that it’s only the Lord’s business to know and two, I make the previous comment because a move like that dress causes men and women alike to stumble, therefore, I would expect someone grounded in the faith to love others by not making them stumble. It is clear that though we have our own personal convictions, what is clear in the Scriptures prevail. Megan has to be careful what and how she presents herself not because she is a pastor’s wife and has to be perfect but, because there are people [believers and non-believers alike] looking at her as an ambassador of the faith and stumbling into sin because she is not aware of how much our lives represent Christ. She does not need to be criticized at all but, search the Word and seek the Spirit’s clarity on this, so that if needed, she may repent and move forward.

    • Agreed. That dress didn’t really scream Gospel Award. But, I intentionally left that out because I didn’t really see the significance in mentioning it given the fact that the BET Awards are, on the whole, ratchet. The Gospel Award category seems ceremonial to me rather than top priority or representative of the true goals of the show. Wouldn’t you say so?