There is a Little Zimmerman in All of Us…

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  • Joan Irving

    Great work Daren!!

  • anon

    can i say something unpopular. i dont think Zimmerman was scared. I think he was trying to start something. If he was SCARED whyd he get out the car. what fool you know gets out of his car to confront someone he didn’t know that he was scared of in the RAIN. They must think we are stupid. This case was fumbled. Why if Zimmerman called police 56 times no questioned his SANITY. NO he was USING the fact that people are scared of black men to get off bc of course thy wouldn’t believe trayvon right. Zimmerman may hav got beat up but he’s liar. He messed up, got in an altercation, then called it self-defense. IF trayvon beat him up that wasnt right but carrying a GUN into an altercation doesnt make you a hero it makes you a FOOL.
    Maybe he didnt throw the FIRST punch but if he was so FRIGHTENED by someone SUSPICIOUS he would not have got out of his car.. I been following this from the beginning this man is no fool, he knows that this kid can’t defend himself, he didnt want to go to JAIL. He was being a busy body and ended up killing someone accident or no.

  • anon

    if he had not been armed, he would not have gotten out of the car. Do you think he would have gone and confronted old dude if he looked THAT big and scary?? No he thought he was big enough to take him, he wasn’t fat then. no he thought TRAYVON was suspicious enough to call police but wasn’t suspicious ENOUGH that HE couldn’t handle it. He was WRONG. He was planning to get into something, if he didn’t plan a fight. If he said to cops ‘it looks like he has a gun’ why is no one questioning his MENTAL state. If I THOUGHT someone had a gun would i really get out of my car and confront him. No he didnt have a gun and Zimmerman out being a nosy busy body. Rachel may not be your ideal witness but i think she’s at least telling part of the truth.