Timberlake and Thicke: The New Face of R&B and Soul?

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  • me

    who ever wrote this needs to relax,an appreciate that their still is good music in 2013

    • Daren W. Jackson

      I appreciate good music. I just question white artists claiming a musical genre they didn’t create and exploiting it for their own financial gain. I’ve loved RT and JT in the past, but I don’t have to love what they do when it is cheap and exploitative.
      Truthfully, the same can be said for black r&b artists or the likes of Lil Wayne. When what you create is not true or respectful to the genre, you shouldn’t be seen as the “face” of it.

  • Jamie


    Sorry if I sound like I’m yelling, but I need for someone else to scream along with me from the mountaintops that Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake is NOT R&B. They are pop artists, and I’m so glad that someone else decided to write a piece about this, because I believe wholeheartedly with everything that was said.

    I would like to add to the mix, that you can be a successful White R&B artist and still maintain a soulful sound.

    Jon B.

    Okay, so all of my close friends, family, and Twitter followers know I have a thing for Jon B., but let’s keep it real. This man is the most soulful sounding Caucasian on the planet. What is very disturbing is Jon B., who was a platinum selling recording artist in the late 90s, became an anomaly in 21st century. Somehow even Jon can’t get onto the same playing field as Timberlake and Thicke.

    But then again, they’re NOT R&B artists.

    I agree with the fact that R&B has took a nosedive into a downward spiral and the only music worth listening to is from independent artists. Beyonce does not sound like an R&B artist to me. You want to learn about a real R&B artist? Listen to Carolyn Malachi who just released an album called Gold on July 30th http://carolynmalachi.com/fr_gold.cfm

    I just had the pleasure of talking with her, and I’m amazed that more R&B fans have not heard of her music. She was also nominated for a Grammy, which speaks volumes to her talent.

    I’m just so upset that R&B is diminishing substantially. I hate listening to FM radio because of the junk that is on there. I could rant about this for days, but I will end here. Again, thanks for writing this, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    P.S. I miss the hell out of my Jon B. He needs to make a major comeback


    • Daren W. Jackson

      Cosign on everything you said.

      Also, check out Daley, another white male soul singer out of the UK. Those Brits are making some real quality music nowadays.