On Miley Cyrus and Other Coonery

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  • Jen (nai1chronic1es)

    I’ve never seen Miley twerk and I’m going to keep it that way but this post was definitely entertaining. White coon definitely belongs and has many predecessors (see crazy Brittney). #BLMgirl

    • jakethewrestler

      truth is Ms Cyrus is unnattractive and she wants to look attractive.

      Nice Article best to ignore her

  • jakethewrestler

    Ms Cyrus is unnatractive and this is her attempt to look attractive and other things

    Best to ignore her

  • Sharon Joyce

    Terrific article!
    I’m consider myself a fairly liberal woman and openminded to a fault, but I can’t believe how many people are welcoming this chick’s antics as ‘healthy self expression’ etc. And a certain type of woman seems to defend her right to ‘sexual free expression’. As if it was anything like ‘free speech’…its’ not.

    Never mind that she’s just gross to watch; that’s too ‘personal’ a judgement to matter to the defenders of her ‘freedom’; and then they don’t go on to ask why we indeed can’t help but cringe. But here you remind us so well why we do: its not just a ‘personal’ choice by this performer to act as she does, but a thinly disguised insult to the race and gender that she so badly caricatures.

    Thank you!!!

    • Thanks so much! I agree that her antics are wayyy over the top and have nothing to do with personal liberty. There is more to success and freedom than doing whatever hell one wants to do. There has to be some substance there. She is devoid of substance.

      Thanks for visiting!