BB15: Aaryn Gries Dumbfounded, Julie Chen Grills Her on Racist Remarks

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  • Kitty

    Why have things been allowed by CBS to even get THIS far?
    Aaryn’s responses to Julie are typical of Texas’ racist daughters, even down to the flabbergasted look on her face. What she’s REALLY saying is “In Texas, we say certain things (*coughlikeracialslurscough*) and do certain things(*coughlikeviolatingbasichackhumanandcivilrights*) but we really don’t MEAN iiiiiiit… To your face.”
    I see people like her everyday being condescending or outright rude to non-whites, and the only way to check their inexcusable behavior is to call them on their b.s. Watching Julie Chen cut Aaryn down to size was absolutely wonderful

  • Joe Kunzler

    Love you Jenny but I am sensitive to intent not jokes at lest not these ones. But u did see Chris blog on beyond black and white and I would agree she is racist.