Fall TV Review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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  • “The problem is that trying to cram all of that back story, character development, and any semblance of a plot into a one hour drama is heavy lifting. This pilot episode is bursting at the seams with information and dialogue, so it is a lot to take in. Whereas that works for a show like Scandal, it was more overwhelming showcased here. But now that there is a baseline established for the show, I expect the pacing to drop just a notch and not overload our senses every week. ” I agree with all of this. There was SO much work to be done in the pilot, that the true tone and actual plot of the episode gets lost. Most of that is probably just pilot-fatigue and I agree and hope that it will be better soon to come. Actually I’d give this a few episodes, as a typical Joss show (not JJ as you mentioned, he’s got a show later in the season I want to check out, but this is a Whedon family production) really begins to hit its stride around episode 6. (Evidenced with his last TV show, Dollhouse.) I agree that it’s kind of early for even diehard Marvel and/or Whedon fans to tell, but I’m glad the ratings were good enough to give us plenty of time to discover what direction it will take, no worries it will be cancelled before it finds its way.

    • Daren W. Jackson

      Thanks for the comment and for checking me on the JJ/Joss mix-up (what kind of nerd am I? )

      I agree with everything your said. A Whedon production always takes a few episodes to fully materialize. The only difference here is that the viewership is so large (and the source material so buzzy) that people will probably stick around long enough to make it a mainstay. Here’s to hoping that this show’s success leads to more action/adventure on network TV.