Are For-Profit Colleges Harmful to the Black Community?

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  • Moe

    I prefer a traditional university, but I know plenty of people that have attended for-profit schools and they are doing well.

    Like you, I believe they are a great option for people that are currently in the workforce and need to build on their current skills or make a career change. I wouldn’t suggest them for someone just leaving high school.

    When my aunt first attended The University of Phoenix, it was before they had a large online program and you had to be 24+ years old to attend. Obviously, that has changed…but for someone who is just out of high school and not quite sure what the want in life, it’s a horrible option.

    I believe people should give community college a chance, and then find a traditional university with a great online or evening program. Schools like Washington State University, Northeastern University, St. Johns University & University of Cincinnati all have online programs. There’s also WGU that is a non-profit online competency based University that is less than $9000 a year to attend.

    I got sucked into the for profit loop, and I kind of regret it because I can’t transfer those classes I took that’s basically an entire semester of classes and money wasted.