Henry Louis Gates’ PBS Documentary Underscores Ignorance of Black History

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  • I saw Dr.Gates series of documentaries “Black in Latin America”,which particularily interested me since I am a BLatina (Black Latina). I anticipate that this documentary will be equally interesting,revealing & compelling. It seems as though,as a whole, young people of color whilst aware of slavery and civil rights as historical facts,treat those events as a far away reality which is easy for them to take for granted. People in my age group (35-40), have parents and grandparents who remember civil rights and its post wave-thus making the fervor for civil rights and things of the like is more imminent for us.

    • Thanks for the comments! Yes, Dr. Gates is prolific especially when it comes to articulating issues of race and class to a varied audience. I agree that it is really good that he is doing this to reach younger generations who probably minimize the role of slavery and subsequent suppression of civil rights. Often, these groups feel like it is had no impact on them personally so they care little about the minutiae. With this documentary, I feel Gates is bringing the black experience into the homes of many who would otherwise not care to know or know what they don’t know.

      In all cases, it is a great thing.

      Thanks for visiting!