Shooter’s Lawyer Calls Renisha McBride’s Murder “Justified.” Right.

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  • Shawna

    This is truly an injustice! And, what I wanted to share is a personal experience with knocking on the “right” door in the early AM hours in my predominantly white neighborhood (while being trailed by a coyote while walking my “baby lab retriever” at the advisement of a coworker because he wouldn’t stop barking).

    I am a black female, and I called 911 first, out of fear of the coyote attacking us as he trailed us for about one block, and the 911 operator stated they would not send help if I wasn’t hurt. So, I ran to a neighbor’s home who lived a block away from me in a small community of 70 or so homes.

    Luckily for me the elderly couple answered the door (with their small dog) and seeing me frantically explain the coyote and the call to 911, the wife suggested her husband walk me and my puppy home around the corner. They are long-time residents and I was brand new, and he took the time to educate me about the coyotes in the area on our short walk.

    Here’s the clincher:

    As I recounted this story to family, coworkers, and friends, on more than one account, I heard the response “I’d have shot you if you knocked on my door in the middle of the AM.” So, sad to say, none of these stories surprise me. I was nervous for weeks about the coyotes, and I’d add that it also made me leary of the people in this world as well!

    • Wow Shawna, thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. It is amazing how we can feel immense fear of an imminent threat but we can be even more fearful of what unknown dangers people might present us. Asking for help should not induce such shame and terror as it does today and stories like these should not be the norm.