Shame on Gaga for Gallivanting About With the Likes of R. Kelly

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  • frances

    I could not agree more with you. It’s utterly sickening to not only read or hear apologists for R. Kelly among fellow black folks, especially women. It’s also disgusting to see anyone in collaboration with a known predator of young girls, especially when she supposedly is about helping young people the same ages as R. Kelly’s victims to accept themselves the way they are if their sexual orientation is non-heterosexual. Lady Gaga completely forfeited any credibility she ever had by participating in this video with a known predator. The same people who say don’t judge R. Kelly are the very ones judging the young victims more harshly than they judge him. As star-struck as his adult apologists are, apparently it escapes them that that was what enabled him to lure so many underage girls. Besides, his so-called music reflects his perversion, and it shows how emotionally stunted he is at 47 years of age.