Blacks and the Police: Excessive Punishment Underscores White Privilege

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  • Hi,
    I came across this page following up on the Oriana Ferrell incident.
    Equally shocking as the footage itself, is the online reaction. I saw a heap of posts saying it was “her own fault”, and polls where more than a third of respondents saw nothing wrong with the police response, and 20% were undecided.
    Sad to say, social justice issues here in Australia reveal a similar hard core 30% of people who will always side with the officials, no matter what.
    It’s the other 70% who will make the difference. “Activism” is undoubtedly needed. The hard question is: ‘What kind of activism?’.
    Full on confrontation can work, but usually results in a lot of pain to a lot of people. Another strategy might be to ‘disarm’ – work to build bridges and build trust among communities. Talk to people. Organise peaceful community events where people, including police as individuals, or small groups, are invited to come, join in, and have fun. Young people can be pretty good at that, if given the chance.

    • Thanks for visiting our page. It is interesting that these issues happen abroad too. Proves that the human experience is universal.

  • Law Wanxi

    A better foreign-source story on Earl Sampson. His boss is having problems with the police, also.

    I don’t follow USA news sources much; it’s all lies, propaganda, politics and BS. I think I just described the same thing four times there.

  • I Thank You for taking the time to write this Article. I don’t know how many times I read these experiences & deep breath. I don’t know how many more lives we have to hashtag. I read somewhere we a bullet away from a hashtag. & We are. I consider myself a pretty ass female & I been “suspected” of Illegal Immigrant & several times I have been Police Profiled.

    Keep doing what you doing. You wanna die knowing you served someone else on Planet Earth.