Ever Been Arrested For ‘Standing While Black’? These Boys Have…

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  • Well you will hear outrage from this white woman!!! My sons are black and this very well could have been them. My assumption…the boys were playin and having fun to pass the boredom and that sort of “rowdiness” always makes white people uncomfortable! We hear all the time that things have changed since we elected a black president, well no they have not! Precious boys …keep doing whats right and Ms. Jackson, please keep these things in the forefront of media. White privilege needs to be acknowledged if we can ever hope for real change.

    • Thanks for visiting the site! It seems you have a personal connection to this story which drives your concern. Completely understandable. Sadly, many white people have no conception of white privilege. I completely agree that acknowledgement is key in changing the future.

  • Heather

    I am saddened and deeply angered by this story as well. I am a white woman with two white children. I don’t see my son in this incident. I see his friends and teammates. I see young students listening to their coach. I see kids who must have been terrified…’Will they hurt me? Worse?’. I see other mothers’ hearts. I see my fellow citizens. I see other human beings, equal in the eyes of all things moral. All I can do about this is speak up. Share this with my son and and daughter. Explain to them that they were born into the most unjust of privileges. A privilege they couldn’t turn away from if they tried because they wear it on their skin. So if it’s wrong to have the privilege and they can’t deny it, what is their choice? To do what’s right and to love. Always love. That is all I know to share with my children of privilege. That’s the only answer I’ve got. My heart aches for these young men.

  • Law Wanxi

    The world knows about this. It was on Chinese Government news a couple of nights ago and our friends at Автономная некоммерческая организация «ТВ-Новости» ran this on their English website.