‘Affluenza’: A New Frontier in White Privilege

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  • Dionne

    Gross miscarriage of justice (read: the complexion for the protection of the collection *paul mooney’s voice).

  • This entire situation grinds my nerves. How can he not be responsible for this? They gon put him in jail when he kill more people or will they cover it up next time? My guess is the latter since he does suffer from “AFFLUENZA” ya know? 0_0

  • Rhiannon Griffith

    Well it’s definitely white privilege, but it’s intersectional, because there’s class privilege involved too–but you can’t separate white privilege from wealth privilege, they’re intertwined. And none of my working-class white brothers and cousins and male friends would have gotten a slap in the hand like that rich kid did, but not one of them would have gotten as long a sentence as a black man would have, either.

    • Great points. You are correct that there is some inherent classism in the criminal justice system which interplays in court issues like this one.

      Thanks for the comment:)