Black Folks: TMZ’s ‘Ni**a’ Poll, ‘Duck Dynasty’ Drama, and Black Santa

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  • Dionne

    I confess. I watched Duck Dynasty from time to time, and actually found some of their traditional family values refreshing. I loved Phil’s testimony. I loved the message of forgiveness. I loved that every show ended with the family dining together in a word of prayer. I loved uncle Si and his infinite un-wisdom. I loved that even though the show is scripted, there was a definitive push by some network to be “anti-Kardashian”. However, sadly, something in me knew that my transcient infatuation would end like this: with some Robertson family member making some ignorant statement about some disenfranchised group. Truth is, I never looked to Duck Dynasty, or their demographic (bible belt, religious right, white southern male dominated POV) as a bastion for pluralism or progressive thought.

  • Law Wanxi

    Your confession is safe here on the Internet. Go forth and sin no more, LOL.

  • Law Wanxi

    Speaking of polls…..

    I’ve never seen the show; I’d rather watch a test pattern on Telemundo.

    As far as Santa Claus, I don’t think he’s Chinese, LOL.
    “What, you children want free stuff???? Oh, no, no, no! Listen to me; the athletic shoe factory is always hiring. Get a job, buy what you earn. Just do it!”