Your White Privelege, My Microaggressions…or Death

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  • John Henry

    What is even worse is that the police just watched this boy die. They did not try to administer any first aid nor stop the bleeding.

    Just witnessing something like this is enough to cause PTSD. Then you wonder why our youth act out.

    Sorry I was so devastated by the video is I got sidetracked. But your entire post was on point.

    • Thank you so much for commenting/visiting:)

      I had the same thought when I saw it. This happened in broad daylight in front of at least 20 people. You can’t tell me that doesn’t have some systematic impact on the people growing up there. It is severely unfortunate.

  • GreenInOC

    I have so many things I would like to converse with you about regarding this blog post, however after watching that video I can’t. My conversation seems trivial and so stupid. I want to understand, I want to scream, I want to reach out to that boy and comfort him, I want to cry with his mother, I want to stand between he and those officers, I want to know how someone calculated lack of bus fare = death, I want to scream, I want to give up and hide my head in the sand, I want to stop seeing these videos that I can’t get out of my mind and will haunt me forever, I want to be free from the guilt from not wanting to see these images, I want so much and I feel so helpless and I feel so stupid even writing that.