Ain’t I a Woman? Black Women, Decency, and Public Spaces

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  • Dionne

    Agreed! I’ve often exprienced many of the situations mentioned here. Most recently, I was in line to exit a gass station onto a busy road. Two cars ahead of me exited with ease, due in large part to courteous drivers making room for them in the busy lane ahead. I expected the same ease, but when my turn came I found myself sitting there waiting for what seemed an eternity. I tried everything from making eye contact with drivers, to excessive smiling, to inching the hood of my car out dangerously close to impeding drivers’ forward movement. And wouldn’t you know, not a one driver stopped to let me in. Not one. I felt invisible. It kind of reminded me the Fast Company’s list of 25 “Smart Women on Twitter”, which had not one woman of color on their initial list. Or Flavor Wire’s 50 Essential Movies About “Exhilaratingly Bad Women”, which only include two films featuring women of color.

  • Isn’t it a terrible feeling? Then you don’t want to be paranoid. You don’t want to “pull the race card” but you can’t find anything else to explain it.

  • Raz

    STFU, thanks… you sound pathetic. Any decent person would have helped by picking up your keys, no matter the race.

    You are not ‘oppressed’. Stop the bullshit, people are getting beyond fed up.