I Want to Give Gabrielle Union Some Big Girl Panties and a Hug

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  • Shawna

    I’m with you! When I heard the news, I felt like she is the antithesis to her character on Being Mary Jane. I can’t see how this works, and I don’t think the feelings would have been reciprocal if she was the one with a child conceived during a hiatus.

    I have been told that they did take a break as a result of this pregnancy to reassess the relationship. I hope they did. He shouldn’t felt so quick to do the do with the ex on the hiatus, if he was supposedly so into his ‘girlfriend’ that he’s propose to make her his wife. That’s weird. I chocked up her decision to stay in the relationship to she’s cool with planning a wedding headed to divorce cause his conflict resolution skills suck!

    And, on that work conflict stuff you brought up in the article I’ve never read, lol, it reminds me of the Halle Berry-David Justice union. Two busy, successful people in their own right, must allow the other to breathe, and fellas she is not gonna be able to keep up with the demands of your long sports season that the groupies will. Who are we foolin’?