Sasheer Was an Extra While Drake Killed as Katt Williams on SNL [VIDEO]

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  • GreenInOC

    Drake was brilliant.

    Sasheer got way more screen time than newbies generally get. Like any new cast member or featured player, they take it slowly. There are writer alliances to be forged, figuring out who plays well with her style and chemistry & vice-versa, pitches to be made & moved forward, dress rehearsal survival, etc…

    Everyone there has to earn their screen time. When you look at the cast that you enjoy today and look back at their beginnings it’s easy to think they were underutilized in their early days but that’s how the show works. People simmer while they develop.

  • Shawna

    Now, now, now, Drake is the only man I’d be a cougar for…his appearance on SNL was awesome! Best I ever had….and, you’re right, the new addition, Sasheer, has some room to grow. Will be looking for that in the future. No way for her to shine when Drake was on….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, and Degrassi was after my time, but Drake’s acting skills are quite impressive. Feature film, please…

    • GreenInOC

      My completely inappropriate crush is Bruno Mars. Delicious!