Aamer Rahman Discusses White People, Racism, and…Magneto? [INTERVIEW]

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  • GreenInOC

    Never heard of Aamer Rahman before – I think I’m in love! In fact I posted yesterday that Bruno Mars was my inappropriate crush but I think Aamer may have supplanted him!

    Like all brilliant comics, Aamer is just telling his truth and it resonates. He doesn’t have to intend to be a social change-maker or have an agenda to change people’s minds about anything; he just has to be honest and those things come along for the ride naturally.

    While he may not be intending to change racism, his thoughts and humor about these subjects do open people’s eyes to their own ways of thinking. Is he going to change the mind of the head Klu of the KKK? No. He will though make people think about what the term “reverse racism” (or whatever he speaks about within this realm) – what it actually means and how offensive it is. People get to laugh along the way to boot!

  • Moe

    Ok, so…First of All. I’m so pissed I completely missed this. Ever since I saw that video, I admit I’ve been crushing on him. LOL

    Great read, and it’s awesome you had the opportunity to “meet” with him. I really enjoyed the interview!

  • Confused white…..

    I’m not a massive fan of coloured people, some are ok, but I really dig interracial porn……..so am I still a racist? Boy I hope not……….

  • DMC15

    Whilst Liberia failed, the idea for a separate nation for African-Americans isn’t a new one. It’s been promoted by several separatist (notice I did not say terrorist) groups such as the republic of new afrika. It’s the idea of ethnic self determination (the black belt is usually suggested as the theoretical location for an independent African-American nation) and is a legitimate idea; similar to Israel. or what Tamil Eelam is proposed to be. Unfortunately, the US (as well as Europe) has proven itself in the past as not being so good with dealing with ethnic self determination (the handling of the creation of Yugoslavia- yikes!) and there are several other groups in the US who also lay similar claims in the US: Puerto Ricans, Hawaiins, the Lakota, and Inouits.

  • Bobby Ford

    What a racist piece of garbage.