Obama + BET = No Racism?

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  • GreenInOC

    Ala The Sound of Music, these are a few of my favorite things about this video:

    1. Nobody should not express an opinion about things unless it’s positive (oh wait, only the NAACP should do that)
    2. How Greg Gutfeld was so “outrageous and outspoken” and expressed his opinion from the heart (oh wait, he could only read his opinion and I will speculate that someone else wrote it for him)
    3. Conservatives are the only people who look upon flaws and differences as things that be improved upon. We know this because we continue to learn about the flaws of Reagan, the “founders”, the two Bushes, etc… (oh wait, that never happened)
    4. The ENTIRE left wishes death upon and condemns (huh?)
    5. People on the right are more forgiving (this is true! They have forgiven the lies that started two wars)
    6. “I don’t think there’s racism”; President Obama is to blame for and can fix the high unemployment rates in the black community. (We all know that President Obama has magical powers, why doesn’t he just use them?!)