The Grammys Are For White People

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  • John

    There is a lot more to the music industry than what the Grammys show. It is top 40 musicians honoring each other. There are cool performances but the awards don’t really mean anything because there isn’t some objective party gauging the music to some standards.

    What makes music so awesome nowadays is that the internet gives you more music than you have time to listen to. There is something for everyone. For example, I don’t listen to Rap or Hip Hop, but not because I’m not black. I have no attention span so my brain automatically tunes out lyrics in every genre of music. I don’t even know the lyrics to songs that my own band has written. So Rap and Hip Hop and their often repetitiveness gets stale. Same thing with 99% of Electronic Dance Music. Now you mentioned Daft Punk pressing buttons on stage. The arrangements that duo comes up with are spectacular and I have no problem with them winning album of the year. I listened to it nonstop for weeks after it’s release. And if they didn’t win I would still listen to the album.

    PS I think that they stay in character is awesome.

  • iseeyourpointbutnotrealy

    I see point but not really. You are correct the Grammy is completely pointless when it comes down to it.
    but your comments revolving around hiphop and kendrick lamar like it only belongs to black people is purely ignorant.
    Hiphop has grown as a culture and I am sure that that you know that. Why cant Taylor Swift enjoy or feel Kedrick’s music to that extent with out being black. I just think it’s pure ignorance to state that, even though I know you are trying to be funny with a serious undertone and draw people your blog.
    We all emulate what we see and why cant she. We werent all straight out of Compton but we related to Ice Cube. Wutang had never been to Asia before they embrace the whole Asian culture no one a had a real problem with that.

    The thing is the world is massed produced and anyone anywhere can get a glimpse and taste of what it is to be someone else.
    and if they choose to embrace it so be it!

    So stop it. Let people feel and do what they like as long as it aint hurting nobody!

  • Jaster

    Yup, there’s a bunch of white people in this country that like all kinds of music…even “black people” music. Our cultures are intertwining. Guess people are just going to have to deal with it. Sorry.