Two Kinds of Friends to Avoid This Year (And Forever)

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  • Shawna

    Very good piece!

    The hardest part is letting go of a friend of 20+ years because they’re stuck in the past and have a memory like an elephant for what you did when you were young and dumb. I actually don’t let ’em go. Rather, I keep ’em at a distance, and when they go digging in the memory banks, I have to tell them they have a memory about everything, even the stuff that wasn’t memorable (e.g., how you flirted with some dude in a restaurant 7+ years ago).

    I don’t know what the payoff is for them in reliving every moment of my life, but while they enjoy that, I keep livin’ my life, and gettin’ better with every year. Advancing in my spiritual faith, work experience and titles, degrees, pay, community service, relationships, friendships, etc.