Beyonce Drops Second Single ‘Partition’

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  • Shawna

    It’s official, I have turned into a 90 year old woman! This once card-carrying member of the Beyonce fan club, has had her card revoked! I am not into the in-your-face sexy, do-me-baby releases of Bey as of late. Haven’t bought an album in a long time.

    She’s always sold it with the stage wear, but the stage wear in combination with the grown-up lyrics, is too much information for me…call me a prude. That’s a label I’ll wear proudly in this case. I won’t be moving to Europe to free myself sexually anytime soon….I’m a new world kinda chick. Rihanna and Shakira won’t see me either.

    • Daren W. Jackson

      I don’t think you’re being an old woman. Queen Bey has been pushing the envelope to the limit with this new album. No one can doubt that the woman is talented. However, I’m not sure that I back her creative license of late either.