We’re Black, We Didn’t Jump the Broom, and It Kinda Sucks

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  • GreenInOC

    That was sweet!

    I think it would be lovely that every year on your anniversary you Jump the Broom in front of your children (as well as any recommitment / marriage ceremony you and Darren have over the years) . I think that it would be an incredibly cherished family tradition.

    • We are definitely going to jump the broom in the future. We want our kids to know and witness that tradition.

  • Aww…I definitely understand the minor regrets of not doing the broom jump thing, I chalk it up to being young and bucking tradition. But at least you and the Mr. stayed together long enough to broom jump at the re-marriage! So there’s that! 😀

    I don’t recall anyone doing the broom jump thing in my family (the one common denominator is that they had apartment weddings lol), I definitely plan on doing it when I marry. The symbolism behind the gesture is beautiful and sad, and I want to honor my ancestors for having the freedom to marry when they did not.

    Can’t wait to see the re-marriage pix! 😀

    • I have to convince the hubster to foot the bill so it might be awhile before you see pics lol.

  • Shawna

    Don’t beat yourself up too bad for not jumping the broom at your wedding. I think it became more of a trend in our generation who were re-educated of our blackness through KRS1, Public Enemy, etc. I don’t recall my parents or aunts and uncles jumping the broom (no picture or verbal documentation) and they were brought up during the civil rights era.

    As you stated, you can jump the broom at the re-commitment ceremony! I’m just proud to see a healthy, successful, black married couple with children, who love and support each other in a REAL way. That’s what counts for me. I jumped the broom to a marriage that didn’t include all of that back in the day, but I’ll gladly jump it again to one that does in the future if the Lord says the same (as the old folks say!). So, praise God that y’all got the sticking power and that your love endures.