‘Hyper-Racialism’: Where White Privilege Meets White-Guilt-Paranoia

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  • Amanda S

    Wow. “White people are white. They don’t have a color.” That’s ridiculous, poor pale people don’t count when it comes to human rights, race or heritage. There are so many different types of “white” people. I’m sure descendants of Irish, Scottish, Swedish, German and so on don’t feel this white guilt like you think they do. Yet they get categorized in with the nuts like the kkk and other extremist. White people, white people, white people, white people…they are all the same, all racist. All of them clam up when yoy bring up race because they know in their hearts they are terrible, evil beings and everything is all their fault. White people know things that happened far before they were born are their fault and they must pay for the actions of others. So keep throwing it in their face, keeping bringing it up evey chance you get. Remind them that effort to change the past and move foward as a world full of loving human beings is just wrong. Bait jokes and conversations so they can treat you like any other person and joke back. That is the perfect way to show just how racist they are. How stupid could it be to try to acknowledge and respect some ones race and culture without it effecting your opinion of them as a person. Stupid white people. When will they all learn the only racist people on the planet are the pale, colorless, heartless, ignorant ones.

  • Sarah

    What was your friend’s issue with Avatar? I didn’t notice anything weird. I don’t mind a chance to watch it again though. I thought it was good, too. I like Thundercats even though I never really watched them as a kid (maybe because it was one of the shows I wasn’t allowed to watch then).

    But this is such a huge problem. People can say they’re “colorblind”, but then–through thoughtlessness or not thinking at all–most of the people in a movie, book or video game will be light-skinned. Yeah, some might be German or British or what have you, but still, why not some dark skinned people, like from or of India or Afghanistan or Africa? Or people from Canada or Ireland or the U.S. but they’re Moroccan or Iraqi or Indian? I’m part (small part) American Indian but I just look Caucasian because my great-great Grandma was American Indian and genetics are complicated. The rest of me is European even though I’m primarily just American.

    I have started reading books by Ursula le Guin, and in her Earthsea series, most of the citizens of her country have medium to dark skin, and the people with light skin (I think she meant Caucasian/white type people, but it’s fantasy and in the past) are of a backward culture, and I thought, “Wow! That’s actually true in real life!”. I took into consideration the things colonists did when they went to other countries. Conquered them and proceeded to make slaves and do crazy religious things. That behavior is human nature but it is completely backward and horrible. Just like I realized, “Yeah, my people are messed up”, it’s necessary to start thinking like that if things are going to change and get better so people don’t do bad things anymore. I did feel sad and guilty; I always have because I didn’t understand why people were being treated so badly, but even if bad things are in my nature I don’t have to go along with it. I didn’t understand as a kid why others were treated badly because of skin color or being a woman or gay and I still don’t (not on a fairness level anyway–as an adult I grudgingly know it’s because humans are afraid of different). With le Guin saying what she did I got another sweeping reality check. It was good for me to understand why there is still a huge problem in the U.S., and all over the world.

    Heroes in books and video games tend to be light skinned. I’ve noticed, and have started to wonder: “Is this because of me? Is this what I’m asking for? I keep buying them, so do people think it’s all the audience wants?” Ursula le Guin said that a strong white dragon slayer was always the hero, but never anyone who was dark skinned, or a woman (damsels in distress). She had her main character a non-white person, and most of the others were that way, too. I was mind blown. She wrote the books during a time where civil rights were still struggling (1964). Many portrayals of her main character had him whitewashed, and in subsequent appearances, like for the Earthsea TV series. Most people in the animation were white even though the producers said they were colorblind. Ok then. I thought that was awful, and just a dumb thing to do. I was angry. When I was little and using a coloring book I would use different crayons to make people have different skin (and hair) because I thought having just one type of person was boring (it’s also dangerous to be all the same, and unrealistic). In my city, there are mostly white people (with unknown genetics), but new people are moving to town for college and they aren’t the same as me. I hear in the future the population won’t be predominantly white and I’m looking forward to that. I want to see lots of different people around. It’ll be nice.

    I really rambled but I’ve noticed this too, and I’m worried. It’s good to talk about it, despite the difficulties. It may just take time but it’s always good to take time to talk about issues like this more. It’ll help people understand.

  • Rambow

    They clammed up because your comment came off as defensive about color. You made the leap from blue computer generated aliens to your brown skin looking like poo. I think even a black dude sitting at the table would be like, “what the fuck?”. Next time try to stay on topic instead of making it about you, and maybe you’ll have a better lunch.