We Are Ready to #CancelSNL After the Coondoggle of ‘Black Jeopardy’

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  • Dionne

    COONDOGGLE!?!?! I heard it here first! Great review. Your thoughts are both balanced and insightful. That sketch definitely has the cringe factor. To make matters worse, think about SNL’s audience. What is their motive: to draw black viewers? or to cement their mainstream audience’s ignorance?

  • Shawna

    Yep! It’s been past it’s prime.When I was a kiddo there was Eddie Murphy and the hot tub – man! That was hilarious! And, of course Chris Rock. I know of a really great, multi-cultural improv group in Hollywood and I’m sure they (SNL) do too. This group kept me and some friends laughing so hard for a straight hour or so. SNL is intentionally not selecting other talented people who would love the opportunity. I’ll have to get the name of this group from the friend who invited me so you can check them out when you are ready for a laugh – they’re all online as well. Damn funny!

  • Angl0sax0nknight .

    Not funny and racist toward Europeans. It’s depiction of blacks was no where close.

  • Joe Cool

    I think white people have the right to be just as offended. I don’t know anyone who talks or looks like that professor yet he is representing white people. If it is racist to depict black people the way they did then it is also racist to depict white people the way they did. I did cringe and wondered how they got away with this.