For Better or Worse, Black America Finally Has the Spotlight

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  • John Henry

    “Airing our dirty laundry for all to see is both empowering and
    problematic. These findings often become fodder for anti-black
    conservatives seeking to misuse and warp statistics like these, wielding
    them as a weapon against the very communities they are intended to

    That is one of the most problematic issues of our story. It keeps us from having rational conversations about these issues. Especially on internet forums where trolls run rampart, turning every conversation into a race debate. It also distorts who we are as a total peoples. We spend so much time talking about the negative, but then we ignore the millions of middle class, and upper class black families who are successful in life. All black people are lumped into a negative statics, that ignores the efforts, and success of many of us. It draws a wage between us as a people as upper class blacks try to separate themselves from those that have not made it yet. It is a vain attempt to avoid association with negative rhetoric.

    But in truths, we are all one people. It does not matter how successful or poor you are, you will still be grouped together in the end. It is better to stick together and help each other, and find betters ways to solve are problems without letting our negatives become fodder for those who would seek to belittle us. One way that we can help improve the state of Black America is for every one to clean their own dirty laundry at home, one family at a time. Reach out and support your own children, family, and friends. Then we can deal with these bigger issues as a whole, without all the silly distractions regarding someones dirty laundry.

    • cstack

      I wanted so much to agree with you but seeing how the poor fail to value what can alleviate their problems such as education , financial management and family structure . yes of course there is a wedge . why does it seem only poor people feel the need for OOW babies expensive tires on generic cars , having the latest over priced sneakers and weave hairdos, tattoos and all the while residing in a housing project .needless to say that is not the way

      • John Henry

        That is so complex, that it would take more than I can post to talk about those issues, but here is a summary…Many poor do value education, but there is also those that don’t because they did not have it. They don’t know the value of valuing education, because they are living in the realm of their bubble…..Also people that have nothing, want expensive things because they don’t have. They recognize that they will never afford a house, a nice car, or other middle class luxuries. So they settle for what is in their price range. Those rims signify their Mercedes, those over priced sneakers are how they validate their success in life, on their level. I’m not saying that is right or the wisest choice. I’m just providing an answer as to why.