Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Points to Deeper Truths About Racism

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  • I think that Mr. Sterling cheating on his wife is worse than someone reporting her Instagram posts him. That being said, I suspect the person reporting her feed activity to him is his wife. There is some sort of bizarre agreement there in my opinion.

    If his wife were to sue him for the affair that would mean divorce wouldn’t it? Suing the mistress is a way to keep herself relevant to her husband while still maintaining the lifestyle she has become accustomed to.

    I also think that him discriminating through housing and creating a race based pay gap is more than enough proof that he has in fact acted in a very measurable way.

    • Jenn M. Jackson

      I wasn’t aware that he was discriminating through housing and pay. The NBA is unionized so…

      • In 2003 and 2006, he faced housing discrimination lawsuits that alleged he refused to rent to African Americans and other minorities.

        2009: $2.725 million to settle a Department of Justice lawsuit alleging housing discrimination.

        “Sterling wanted no African American tenants, Mexican American tenants, government housing recipient tenants or families with children. Sterling was quoted as making insulting racist characterizations of Black and Mexican American people. Repairs were often lacking and when one African American woman asked for compensation for water damage, Sterling allegedly told the property manager, “Just evict the b…”


        “Baylor voluntarily remained on the job at a frozen salary of $350,000 a year, while Dunleavy received a four-year contract extension for $22 million after a rare Clippers postseason appearance in 2006. Baylor told reporters that he held onto his position because few African-Americans occupied executive roles in the N.B.A.”

        • Jenn M. Jackson

          Valid points. I thought the 2006 case had been resolved permanently but didn’t know about the housing issues. That’s horrible.