Black People Aren’t Cowards, But Privileged Whites Are

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  • John Henry

    This was Brilliantly stated!: ” While your intentions in the ‘Come to Jesus’ aside in your piece might
    have seemed brilliant and poignant to you when you clicked ‘Enter,’ they
    actually put you in the ‘racial reformist’ camp: taking the spotlight off of race in favor of class, minimizing
    the role of whites in White Racism, never directly addressing a system
    of white privilege unilaterally responsible for the institutional biases
    against people of color, and placing the onus of racial change on the
    very group ill-empowered and rendered impotent systematically by those
    you deem blameless.”

  • Bill-D

    ????? Keep your day job.

    • Ken B.

      Or you can just go find one.

    • Dusty Ayres

      Keep yours, moron.

  • Pokkuru

    Sorry, but niggers are indeed cowards.

  • Larry Martin

    What a load of dreck. Everyone knows where your paychecks come from.
    You’re being used, but you’re too thick to realize it.

    Enjoy the ride…