Black Parents, Stop Shaming Your Children

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  • Jaster

    You and your husband sound like great parents. Good article.

  • David Dstew Stewart

    Brilliant article! I am currently in a debate about the whole head shaving shame thing. I never understood the building yourself up at the expense of tearing your child down.

    • I have a major issue with that as well. I don’t think shame is a healthy emotion especially in children. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • True Black

    Good thing you re-shared this on twitter, was thinking the other day about as adults how many of us do things to our children that we hated ourselves yet continue the same patterns. This is something as a people that truly need to be looked at not just woopings but other areas also. Keep up the great writing.

  • True Black

    Not sure if you know

    @DrStaceyPatton on twitter but she is an advocate for this I enjoy both of your perspectives such an important and taboo issue