Nicki Minaj’s BET Acceptance Speech Was the Epitome of Hypocrisy

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  • Macy Harrell

    “Minaj threw shade at the monumental whackness that is Iggy Azalea.” lmaooooo

  • Kristine McGarrah

    I don’t agree with Iggy being a wanna be or inauthentic I believe she has her own style and who are we to determine what she can or cant be. A lot of people gravitate towards hip hop culture it is not exclusive to black people. We cant strive for equality if we continue to judge and bash people for wanting to be a part of what is obviously popular culture. If anything we should be proud that people want to be a part of it and bring their own uniqueness to it which helps it evolve. Iggy is not appropriating black culture b/c she makes it clear she is an Australian who has an an appreciation for hiphop music and i see nothing wrong with it. As far as Nicki she’s talented but she clearly has no respect for herself, she doesn’t value her body, she’s not a good example for young girls and I thought her comments were very shady considering shes not in the studio with these other female artists so how could she possibly know who does or does not write their own lyrics.

    • Jaster

      Very well said! 100% Agree.

    • Okay

      How is she authentic and has her own style when she raps in the style of a southern black woman? She’s neither southern nor black. She’s Australian. Wouldn’t authenticity mean rapping with her native accent?

  • Lexxs

    There is no faster path to wealth and fame for a Black person than to criticise, mock or degrade other Blacks. White folks love it, almost as much as slavery movies, and cannot get enough of it.

    • Jaster

      I don’t know about the first part, but the second part in not true. At least for this white person.

      I don’t like anyone degrading anyone and I only like movies if they are good!

      • Lexxs

        Good for you. There are a few ( very few) decent people like you.