Where the White People At? On Empty Activism and Absent Allies

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  • Nicole

    They are sharing their natural hair stories on CurlyNikki

    • Lilly Mars

      Where we at? Sometimes we just exhausted from being told to shut up and check our privilege, told we cant understand anything about race because we white, told if we speak out about racial issues we are stealing the limelight from POC or enacting a white saviour complex…where we at? Not knowing what is actually expected of us, because everything we do — even trying to help out black people — is deemed inherently racist. I guess thats where we at…

      • Now you are mimicking African American vernacular? Ok. I’m done.

        • Ben Dobbs

          Pretty sure your racist attitude isn’t helping. If you lump us all with the Tea Party folks who fit your descriptions well, then don’t expect “white folk” to respond nicely.

          And the “where we at” was a clear response to “where the white people at” in your title. You think that was mocking black people or something?

          This is the 2nd article I’ve read here by you that disparages white people as if none of “us” care about the plight of others that don’t share the same skin color. Good luck building bonds between people with your attitude.

  • corey

    White people get killed by the cops all the time, but when it happens not one black person in this country said anything about it. There is no rally about how white lives matter. There is no rally seeking justice. Jesse Jackson does not show up….black people only care about police brutality when it is a white cop and a black guy. Black people think that black lives are more important than white lives, which is evident in the fact that black peopel just ignore it when it happens to white……. Where are the white people…sitting here watching a bunch of people blame all their problems on us. You get no support at all, and no sympathy, i do not care what happens, until you can start to acknowledge that it is people vs the state and not black vs. white, that wont change…….lol, like white people are going to go take part in a rally where everyoen is just going to blame everything on other swhite people……we will stay on the sidelines and let you people destroy your own communities and laugh