Whoopi Goldberg and Stephen A. Smith Blame Women for Abuse, I Disagree

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  • Truth_Real

    Let me start first off by saying I am a guy and I have never hit a women a day in my life and I am the type that never will. But everyone is totally missing the whole point. There is no use in arguing over who is stronger. We all know that men are stronger than women. But the point to be made and understood is do not hit anyone. It is simple cause and effect. Becasue she hit him the reaction was he hit her back yes it was with a greater force and you can argue all day about what other options he had etc. But the fact remains she initiated the cause and therefore there was a reaction. If she did not create a cause there would be not reaction to even discuss. Like W Goldberg said just keep your hand to your self. You cant go around living with the idea that any grown person can hit another grown person and not get hit back. Everyone in this world reactes to things diffrently hints the word reaction. So be prepared that no matter what your cause is be ready to accept any reaction as you may not know what it will be. And this goes for guys and girls , there is no guidelines or discriminations for cause and effect.

  • Matt

    This is my thoughts on the topic. Solange should have been arrested for assault, plain and simple. People almost laughed about the whole thing, when what she did was extremely wrong. In my view a women should never hit a man unless, he’s touching her inappropriately or is a threat to her. Clearly in the video Jay Z wasn’t a threat to her. I don’t think, just because a women is called a name, that she is justified in hitting/slapping a guy. It’s just not ok.

    Now, I agree with Whoopi’s comments she made Monday. If a women hit’s a man, then the man has a right to hit her back. Size doesn’t really matter, if you’re big enough to hit somebody, there’s a chance you’ll get hit back. Now clearly Ray Rice used way to much force, he was wrong for that. But his wife was wrong for hitting him in the first place.

    So I believe if a women hits/slaps a man, he has the right to hit her back. But I personally, would just have her arrested for Battery. I know if I hit back she would have me arrested and she might not even get charged. Which is a big problem with the law, women get away with slapping/hitting men too many times.

  • Dennis Palmore

    I agree that anyone can be provoked into doing something wrong under certain circumstances. I think what Stephen and Whoopi were trying to say was, not so much that women can provoke violence but that they can contribute to a situation escalating to a point that may become volatile. A violent altercation can be initiated by either man or woman and in either case it’s wrong, however it’s a man’s physical strength which can cause the greatest harm when inflicted on a woman and rarely the other way around, so whether right or wrong it probably makes sense for women to consider the possible consequences of a heated argument or physical confrontation with a man before being led down that road. Whoopi and Stephen A are just saying women should be cautious because, s woman can be right but that doesn’t stop a man or anyone from reacting violently towards you. Crimes are committed everyday against people who are “right” but they’re still victims. For example, there has been an escalation of sexual assaults against young women on college campuses and administrators have installed call boxes on campuses and have instructed women to be careful when going out at night alone…why. Men know that it’s wrong to assault women like this but it continues to happen, therefore young women have been asked to take precautions so as to help keep them safe when being “right” is simply not enough.
    We just need to be realistic, the Ray Rice incident is not the first nor will it be the last. I know people especially women want to believe that all guys are created equal and should walk and not engage in this kind of domestic violence but as Whoopi stated all men are not chivalrous, as we know many have serious issues and will not simply walk away or refrain from hitting a woman. You can’t always rely on some men to react calmly and exercise restraint, sometimes women have to take matters into their hands especially when their safety may be at risk. If it means toning down your voice or walking away, anything to diffuse a situation from resulting in violence should be employed in my opinion.

  • bmmg39

    I’m not a very large guy; that doesn’t give me the right to go up to people who are larger and stronger than I am and strike them, and then hide behind my smaller size as a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. If I attack someone, that person has the right to self-defense. Yes, even if that includes striking back.

    I just bristle at the notion that a woman who beats on a man and then faces his self-defense is somehow still the “victim.” She’s the perpetrator, not the victim.