John Crawford Tragically Killed ‘Shopping While Black’ And Holding a Toy Gun

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  • Mary Burrell

    So tragic, May he rest in peace. It’s open season on black folks

  • Megan

    After reading this (as a white girl) my first thought was how unfair it is to automatically be the bad guy, the racist, just for being born white. Then the irony hit me. I got to feel tiny hint of what black people must go through every day of their lives. But for black people the consequences can be deadly. I’m sorry I don’t know how to fix this mess “my people keep creating”, I wish I did.

  • Kevin Cardinale

    1. stop shopping at white stores. end of story. 2. civil lawsuit against couple. it’s easy to prove, easy money, and who cares what they thought. No praying, no crying, no marches, civil lawsuit and sue the hell out of them and the dispatcher and the police, and the walmart. Black people need to stop crying and get to suing. That’ll shut all of this stupidity up in a hurry.