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White Fear: The Single Greatest Killer of Black People in the US

news-missouri-shooting-1-slWhile writing a piece yesterday about John Crawford – the 22-year-old killed in Walmart for playing with a toy gun – I became aware of another story of ‘homicide by cop’ inflicted upon an unarmed black teenager. Michael Brown, 18, was seen running in his home town of Ferguson, Mo, a suburb of St. Louis, and moments later, he was shot dead in the streets by Ferguson Police. I am just so tired of covering these stories. And I feel overcome with powerlessness as white fear claims yet another innocent life in the black community.

Explanations as to why Brown was killed abound. According to the AP, the FBI is already looking into the causes of his death. But, initially, police authorities were not releasing any information regarding the homicide to anyone including the teen’s family. Following the shooting, police sectioned off the area and left Brown’s body lying in the streets for hours as the community looked on in anger, hurt, and rage. As the crowds grew and organized into a protest, over 100 cops with assault rifles, shotguns, and dogs were called in to ‘protect the crime scene.’

While watching this horror unfold, all I could think about was the multitudinous historical events of terror inflicted on blacks since the 1790s. From the mass beheadings and maimings on the heels of Nat Turner’s Rebellion to the destruction of private property in the 1920s burning of Black Wall Street conveniently called the “Tulsa Race Riots” (although only whites were rioting), white fear has taken the form of terror for black folks attempting sanctity and mobility in their own lives.

White fear has manifested itself in outright violence post-slavery through the imposition of Jim Crow segregation. White fear has manifested itself legislatively via redlining laws and cruel lending practices barring blacks from owning property in ‘white neighborhoods.’ White fear has manifested itself in so many structural ways that it has become part and parcel with the fundamental functions of every private and governmental institution in this country. White fear is inescapable.

The fear that black people would become too wealthy or accomplished was what caused early twentieth century southern whites to strategically lynch some of the most accomplished black families, the ones who owned a horse and buggy or a nice suit jacket. The fear that black women would steal white ‘massas’ from their whites wives resulted in the intentional objectification of black women’s bodies and hair, demoralizing them, beastializing them, making them into sexual beings rather than human beings. The fear that blacks were thinking too highly of themselves and threatening white business ownership was what caused them to burn it down on June 21st, 1921. White fear has systematically and by design demolished and suppressed black wealth, mobility, and familial progress for over three centuries. What we are witnessing today is no accident.

When black families were lynched, whites would congregate, often taking pictures with the corpses of black bodies post-mortem. They would leave the bodies for days – and sometimes weeks – hanging in trees birthing the phrase “strange fruit.” This was a primary point of control for whites because seeing the swinging corpses both struck fear into other blacks, potentially dissuading them from rocking the boat, and also made clear that whites deemed blacks absolutely worthless. While we rarely see hanging nooses now, we often see dead, dying, or demoralized black bodies struggling for humanity in streets, Walmarts, apartment hallways, etc. We see them and their purpose is identical.

White fear doesn’t just exist on an individual level. Yes, it was to blame when Michael Dunn shot and killed Jordan Davis, when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, when Theodore Wafer shot and killed Renisha McBride, when Johannes Mehserle shot and killed Oscar Grant, when Officer Randall Kerrick shot and killed Jonathan Ferrell, and even now as we discuss John Crawford and Michael Brown. But it is much graver than individual animus.

You don’t have to be white to suffer from white fear. White fear causes upper-class black people to whitewash and downplay their own blackness just to achieve social ‘success.’ Perceived social benefits of ‘acting white’ cause many blacks to also fear ‘the other’ black people who might harm them or their families. But, make no mistake, it is a tool of oppression created by whites seeking unrelenting and perpetual dominance in the US.

Many (white) people believe it only exists between people because they choose to ignore its tentacle-like influences on public media, popular culture, education, immigration policy, and social welfare programs. They use their fear to justify their senseless aggression toward black and brown bodies. Then they sit as judge and jury indicting black teens for eating snacks, smoking weed one time, or running fast. Meanwhile, white teenaged boys live fruitful lives after mowing down entire groups of people while under the influence of stolen alcohol because they suffer from ‘affluenza.’ A drunk white murderer is worth more than a dead black honor student. Such is the function of white fear.

White fear is killing us. It is causing us to fear black skin. It is segregating neighborhoods. It is closing public schools. It is cutting welfare benefits to mothers and children. It is undermining a presidency. It is criminalizing black bodies. It is incarcerating black identities. It is limiting black potential. It is sexualizing black girls. And, it is shooting black boys in the streets of their own neighborhoods.

White fear is the single greatest cause of death for black people today and has been so since this country’s inception. White fear.

 *Writer’s note: The post image has been changed as the Brown family has requested the social media removal of Mike Brown’s lifeless body.


Watch coverage from KMOV below.

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Jenn M. Jackson

Jenn M. Jackson is one half of the Water Cooler Convos team. She is a native of Oakland, CA, resided in sunny SoCal for a decade, and now lives in the Chicago suburbs. Bringing the bourgie and good measure of the nerdy, she fearlessly writes about politics, pop culture, and whatever other topics in black America have firmly planted a bee in her bonnet.
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  • ATLmom

    Thank you Jena for this insightful piece. I would add one more source to the cause of White fear. In the plantation era south, black slaves outnumbered their white owners 4:1 in the general population. However, on a large plantation, the slaves might outnumber the owner and his family by 20:1. There was a constant fear that if they allowed the slaves any power at all, they could easily uprise and overtake their owners. So, to maintain control and appease their fear, they used terror and intimidation to ‘keep the slaves in their place’ I think this fear – and the desire to keep black folks down – continued on in Southern culture well into the 1970’s and still exists in rural areas of the deep south. And the remnants of that fear linger on in anyone who was born before the 1980’s – it was taught to us by our parents and grandparents. For instance, growing up in a small southern town, my mother would not allow me to go downtown on Saturdays because this was the day the black folks did their shopping. As if some black man was going to attack a little white girl at the bakery in broad daylight! I have witnessed this white fear in myself, and I hate it. So I work hard to acknowledge it and try to overcome this unjustified fear….but I think too many white folks don’t even accept that it exists, much less attempt to correct it.

    • Mskby

      Exactly right. If we deny it’s existence we can think better of ourselves and live in our bubble. It exists, but most deny it’s existence and fail to realize when they are acting upon it.

    • Amanda

      Well….. When in your lifetime (I’m a white woman) there has been more black crime perpetrated against you and your family than the opposite….. I think to myself: Why shouldn’t I be afraid??? LOOK AT THE STATISTICS…. Black on white time is still very prevalent and more than the opposite!! I was beat up by black girls at the state fair for no reason at all! And my cousin was raped by a black guy and now has biracial girl by him. This “whites are responsible for all evils” mentality is such bullshit and is NOT going to solve the present day problems !!!

  • Mary Burrell

    Glad to find you, This is a great blog.

  • Mary Burrell

    Yes and Yes to all of that. Well said. So glad i found your blog.

  • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

    This is a very excellent article that people should read.

  • Ara Marliala

    Well written piece. I wanted to write something but I’m filled with too much anger towards Whites at the moment to be objective in my writings so my question is: WTF do Whites have to be fearful of? They invaded Africa, killing, stealing, enslaving and dragging the people out of their continent for hundreds of years, brought them to a land they stole from Natives, torture, raping, our children, men and women. We’ve had years of apartheid, Jim Crow, racism, mental and physical abuse, denigration, humiliation at the hands of these SAVAGES but they’re fearful of us? WTF do Whites have to be fearful of? TELL ME!!!

    • jeanette

      Because karma is a B#$%h! That is why they fear us!

      • USMC_Hoosier

        What does karma have to do with it? How many whites, in your lifetime, have owned black slaves? Stop presenting yourself as a victim because your ancestors were slaves. Whites were slaves as well, just further back than American slavery. We live in a culture that gives government backed preference to people of color, yet you still cry victim.

    • Scottlowther

      > they’re fearful of us

      No, we’re really not.

    • detroitrockcity

      Nothing at all. Whenever there is a riot of blacks in this country, you hear talk of a race war. With blacks only constituting roughly 10% of the US population, it would be more like an ethnic cleansing than a war. Blacks and white will forever have their differences, as long as the history from 100 years ago is not let go. Not all blacks are the same as the stereotype. Not all whites are violent and war like alpha males who want to beat up and kill blacks. It’s all stereotypes. There needs to be honest and open discussion amongst all Americans of every color and religion. A race war would mean the end of blacks in America. Not the answer.

    • Amanda

      The statistics speak for themselves, far more whites today are victims of interracial crime. I am a white woman who was beat up by three black girls at the fair when I was 16 years old, for no reason at all. You non-white races obviously hate us for past wrongdoings that us current white folks cannot change……..so why wouldn’t we be afraid of violence at any moment?

    • Amanda

      (White woman): LOOK AT THE STATISTICS: I’m afraid of being raped (my cousin was raped by a black man), robbed (my roommate was robbed by black men right when he moved into his new house in MN), or shot/killed (again, refer to recent homicide statistics). Also I work in management consulting…. Afraid of being sued if I don’t recommend someone who is not white. Feel pressure to give special privileges to non-white races eve if they’re not bright or not the right person for the job. Fear that everyone hates me just because I’m white and will never stop blaming our race for present day problems that typically should be accounted for by personal responsibility.

      • Amanda

        Also forgot: I swear to God I was beat up by three black girls at the Minnesota State fair when I was 16 years old. I was beat up because I was eating cookies and milk and one of them ran into me, and apparently I was on her way. I was thrown on the ground, punch, my hair pulled out. The girls ended up saying I was racist and it got charged as a race crime, the girls received no punishment at all. I have never done anything intentionally harmful to another black person. In fact, I am the first to donate money to special causes, I have even been on a mission trip to Haiti. I am beyond sick of this bullshit thinking that whites are responsible for your present day problems.

  • Jimbo Franks

    what a fucking load of horse shit this article is.

    • http://www.digipotent.com/ Damir

      Do you get paid to be a dumb troll?

      • USMC_Hoosier

        Do you?

  • Mark Bryant

    White fear? Another racist idea invented to supposedly solve racial issues. Whites kill blacks, but blacks kill more whites, and blacks kill more blacks, so should we also go around discussing “black fear” and “double black fear”?

    No. The reality here is, anytime anything goes wrong and a white man and a black man are involved, absurd ideas like “white fear” are posited as the root cause. You have no idea what went wrong in this individual circumstance with this man/policeman. You think you can solve racial issues through broad generalizations and stereotypes? You are part of the problem.

    • TheZuluNation

      Thanks for proving the point of the article LMAO

      • Amanda

        Right- whites are to blame for all the problems in the black community…..go visit other African countries, then come back to this country and then tell me how you feel.

        • TheZuluNation

          What does Africa have to do w/ Blacks in the U.S.? Completely different culture. Seems like your guilt is getting in the way… and Whites have a lot to do w/ problems in the Black community. Which group of people are in control of the system?

    • http://www.digipotent.com/ Damir

      You seem to live on some other planet dude… Just have a look around the world about how many innocent people has your white government killed so far. More than nazis. Let’s not talk about your history of slavery, and you still dare call other people a problem? Yes, you have proven the point of the article. I just wonder, if you are armed enough to fight your own shadows once you kill everyone else?!

      • Crystal Thomase

        Omg! This guy is my hero for this one. Well said.

      • Jaster

        I’d be willing to bet Mark Bryant has zero history with slavery.

      • Nicholas

        How can you say the government is white when the president is black?………

    • donlon77 .

      It’s odd when white males play victim. Doesn’t seem genuine. Reverse racism is a myth. Not saying only whites can be racist. But white males run the world, unfortunately.

      • Jaster

        I don’t get white people. How could they ever play the victim? Not one white person has ever had anything bad happen to them.

        And I agree about the turmoil. Every non-white country lives in complete harmony, while every white country is complete shit. No wonder everyone is immigrating to non-white countries.

        • Mike Larrabee

          Pain and suffering doesn’t see skin color. This comment outlines the issues of rasism. An unwillingness to see things from others position because they are different and other.

        • Nicholas

          A white person has never gotten cancer? A white person has never been murdered? A white person has never been raped? A white person has never been robbed? A white person has never died? Shut the **** up you ignorant piece of ****.

        • Amanda

          Are you kidding me?!?! I am a white woman and three black girls beat my ass at the state fair when I was younger, 16 y/o- unprovoked for no reason at all! The girls ended up calling it a race crime and did not get charged with anything, of course. All other countries are living in harmony?! Another joke. That is why women have no rights and are being tormented in other countries like India and Asia. Nonwhite races- stop blaming white people for your current problems. Take out student loans and work hard for it like I did. Or if you’re going to hate on our country then go somewhere else.

          • TheZuluNation

            “Are you kidding me?!?! I am a white woman and three black girls beat my ass at the state fair when I was younger, 16 y/o- unprovoked for no reason at all! The girls ended up calling it a race crime and did not get charged with anything, of course”

            This is fuckin’ BS. Those girls would be serving time if they committed a crime on an innocent, young, 16 y/o White girl. If it was the other way around, those girls would get off just like these cops do for killing minorities. FOH with that made up story. I hear that story too much on the Internet. You racists aren’t very creative or bright.

          • Amanda

            I swear on Jesus Christ! I didn’t make it up. It happened at Minnesota state fair. I was pushed on the ground and swung around by my hair. God knows the truth. Whatever, continue believing the worldview that will allow you to continue to blame someone else (white responsible for everything) for your culture’s problems. Look at the statistics- they don’t lie.

          • TheZuluNation

            Ok, well if it did in fact happen I am sorry that happened to you. However I am sure you were granted justice and who ever did that to you had to pay for it, correct? And statistics? Where are your statistics? The media portrayal of African-Americans ain’t statistics lol

          • Amanda

            No they did not pay for it because they called it a race crime the black girls called me racist even though they beat me up for no reason. No the cops let the black girls go, probably did not want to deal with a law dispute or something.

            The statistics I am referring to include interracial statistics, black on white crime, murder, violence, rape, etc. I am not referring to the media portrayal.

            I just don’t believe the “White people are responsible for present day black people problems mentality” is going to get us anywhere as a country.

            All I am saying is that in my little lifetime of real experiences, I have, and my family have experienced a lot more black on white discrimination and violence. So how is this fair, and I’m supposed to walk around feeling guilty??

      • USMC_Hoosier

        Reverse racism is not a myth. It fully exists and until you acknowledge it, you will not make things better. All people should treat all people with dignity and respect.

        • donlon77 .

          White males are in positions of power. They aren’t being discriminated against because they don’t fit into someone else’s culture.

          • USMC_Hoosier

            Racism has nothing to do with power. It has to do with race, religion and any other difference and how an individual feels about them based solely on that aspect of the person.

      • Mike Larrabee

        Lol. And Africa is such a peaceful place.

      • me

        Its just racism. There is no reverse thing going on. Your racist against white people and thats ok.

        • http://jennmjackson.com Jenn M. Jackson

          Actually, I’m not “racist against White people.” I am honest about historic racism and it’s lasting effects on the US. Thanks for reading though!

    • Crystal Thomase

      Stfu you blued white devil. You whites are murderers, from back then to. Through out history, you murdered raped indigenous peoples of earth. Even my Latin America u stole, you damn thieves!

      • Jaster

        No shit right? Whites are pure evil. All they do is kill non-whites. In fact, there has never been any documented instance where a non-white has ever done anything even remotely wrong.
        I mean look at North Korea. That place would thrive if it wasn’t for the white dictatorship. Oh, and how about those whites that behead people in the middle east. Nasty whites. Oh, and that white governor in the Mexican town that ordered white policemen to kidnap those college kids. Then they were turned over to the white Mexican gangs to be brutally murdered.
        Of course we have all those white Africans that sold blacks to American whites back in the day. And, regarding present day slavery: whites are the only race to still have slaves.
        What’s also interesting is that white countries are SO BAD for non-whites that the non-whites are LEAVING white countries in droves. White countries have the lowest immigration rates because their countries are so oppressive to non-whites.
        Everytime I talk to a white person all they say is, “I need to kill me some non-whites.”
        White people countries are the least civilized, most oppressive, least progressive, and the least diverse. Non-whites would never move to a white country.
        If you research non-white history you will find nothing bad.
        I really wish whites would stop their mass immigration to other countries.
        It’s OK to lump all people of one race together, if they are white that is.
        Only whites can be racist. Why? Oh, because you know, they deserve it. I mean come on, slavery and all. All whites today would go right back to slavery don’t you know?
        All non-whites are perfect.
        White people are bad. It’s science.

      • USMC_Hoosier

        See, thanks for showing how reverse racism works. Certainly not a myth.

    • Donna Green

      White do it all the time….Broad generalizations and stereotypes. Police in NC fires 4 shots at Black man reaching for his wallet. Black man trying to get help, police shoots without asking question. Yes Mark there is White Fear & no it won’t solve racial issues.

      • USMC_Hoosier

        This is a true statement. But to portray our nation as one that white hate blacks is not totally true. Yes, some whites hate blacks, some blacks hate whites. If you don’t believe that to be true, then you must be willfully turning a blind eye.

  • Linda Gonzalez

    This was the result of the hate started by our Republican leaders. It is time we took them out of office before the create any more damage. We must vote them out of office and out of our Nation. We must let them know this is our Nation and not for sale. We can not allow them to continue spreading hate and fear. It has to stop. We demand Human Rights laws be followed by other countries yet our own Nation leaders are slowly but surely trying to take every right we have. Enough! We must get them out of office! OUT! Show them the door and don’t let it hit them on their A.. on the way out!

    • detroitrockcity

      Strange you would say it’s the fault of the Republicans. Do you realize that the staggering majority of Americans are… Wait for it.. Republican. In fact conservatives/Republicans outnumber liberal/Democrats by almost 3 to 1. (and growing by leaps and bounds as a result of Obama’s laughable, incompetent, disastrous joke of presidency) 8 out of every 10 Americans reaching voting age this year will be conservative. To disparage nearly everyone you know with these kind of false generalizations is unfair and misplaced. If you love your country, if you’re a parent, if you have a job, or just believe in the future, you will never ever vote for a Democrat. Now unless you’ve been in a coma for the past six years, I don’t have to tell you how badly the Democrats have screwed up this nation. It’s down to you and just a handful of low information voters that are still in support of this nefarious fringe party. Their incompetence have turned millions of former Democrats into lifelong Republicans. They have shown in stark clarity the failures of liberalism. The people have woken up to the evil and corruption of the dem party. They are finished. And Obama and Harry Reid have nailed the last nails into the Democrat coffin. All that’s left is for the 78% of the American electorate that are absolutely disgusted with liberals and Democrats to bury them next week at the polls. The end of the Democrat party is a big win for the American people. The only unfortunate aspect of the approaching demise of the dem party is that it didn’t happen sooner. That so many Americans had to suffer great harm at the hands of Democrats is truly unfortunate. But at least it’s finally happened and we can join together as one people and drive liberalism and socialism from this great country once and for all. The next 30 years will be similar to the 30 years after Jimmy Carter, but without a Bill Clinton to break up the conservative hegemony.

  • True Black

    Wow such dynamic writing, I can see the tears of our ancestors and can feel that pain Unfortunately whites could never see nor feel it as you nor I , maybe that is also a part of white fear acknowledging their ancestors also but not in the same way and have to face themselves.

  • Susan

    What a horrible state of affairs that white people could have kidnapped black people from their homes of origin in Africa and drag them against their will, in great fear, and in terrible, even death-dealing, circumstances across the ocean to another continent, treated them as animals, sold them at auction, owned them, worked them, beat them, deprived them of the comfort of family and culture, only to eventually be forced by a devastating war to free them. Then, and still to this day, to continue mistreating and abusing the modern descendants of those earlier enslaved black people is even more horror. I agree with this author that FEAR is at the basis of not only the historic behavior, but lies at the root of today’s hideous present ongoing demeaning and assaultive behavior and murder of black people – killed just for existing.

    It is utterly WRONG to treat our fellow citizens in this way. No matter that the original black people were forcibly brought here against their will…their descendants are citizens of America by their very birth and are entitled to each and every freedom and every bit of human respect and decency accorded every white citizen. This SHOULD be reality, but it is NOT YET the reality.

    I am ashamed of what white people have done and continue to do in their horrible actions against our fellow black humans. What could possibly ever be the thinking that would elevate the color white above any other color?? Whatever it is, it is all fear-based and I reject it. I refuse to fear my black brothers and sisters. Refuse to do it.

    Those of us who are white and do not support and condone this heart-rending, tragic assault on our fellow black countrymen (or for that matter our fellow countrymen of any non-white color) have a special responsibility to get off our asses and start standing up to the bigots with power, as well as the small-minded, mean-minded white trash in this country, who continue to live in fear of black people. We must stand together with our non-white fellow countrymen and demand and work for an end this senseless violence and killing. We simply MUST STOP IT.

    • Amanda


  • John

    The term “white fear” does not apply to all whites and could do a lot of harm if it catches on and pi**es off the crusty, pathetic old white billionaires that control the media and government. All stereotypes and labels need to be dumped and ignorance on both sides needs to stop. Skin color does not matter at all, we are all part of the HUMAN race. If you are white, talk to a black person and be polite. I promise they will not bite.. After a while you will not even notice the color of their skin. We need to come together to peacefully fix our broken, oppressive system and biased media ASAP. Race and/or religion (or lack thereof) does not make anybody a monster. We all came from the Earth and will return to the Earth. Sooner or later all humans will have “mixed blood” as well. If we unite we could make America greater than it ever has been and advance faster than ever thought possible. The whole world would benefit from the results of a truly UNITED States.

    • phil

      Yet you are the pathetic troll that is trying to start s**t in the CNN
      comment section… I am sorry that your mommy does not love you, but
      being rude to others is not the way to go. There are more healthy
      outlets. Take care of yourself, champ. You will overcome the
      d o u c he baggery and make us all proud…..

      • John

        Good job copying and pasting a response that I made to your post, and was deleted by the mods I am flattered that you think so highly of what I said that you try to make it look like your own post. You are a special guy.

        • phil

          Yawn…Thanks i am special. You? Not so much

  • Dottie

    There are days I pray, the average white person would be able to step into my shoes. The stereotypes they are feed each day by television will become obsolete. They would recognize the lies they have been feed by the people (family, friends and teachers) that are supposed to present them the truth. When they actually come to terms with what it’s like to be in a world that was created for them. They would seek to destroy it as it goes against creation.

  • Get Off The TIP

    water cooler HELL… Integration full of tricks… come on ova… SYKE… just fooling… gv me a few more years in power… SYKE… Black President… SYKE…. Strange Fruit now Road Kill… u feel ME…

  • LeBalt

    Black folks, let start your own country, not racist, without any whites in it. Then move in there and live your happy life without “white fear that kills”. Sounds like a good idea?

    • detroitrockcity

      Yeah. And it can be self financed solely with black wealth. Sounds like a winner.

  • detroitrockcity

    So help me to understand this… The whites with hoods over their heads, torches in hand, armed to the teeth, galloping over the hills on horseback in huge raiding parties.. Were afraid of blacks? I used to think it was the other way around..

    • http://www.jennmjackson.com/ Jenn M. Jackson

      Are you implying that people who inflict violence on others can’t possibly be doing it because they are afraid of losing power? Why does blacks being afraid of the KKK mean that whites aren’t afraid of a black majority? This must not be a serious comment…

  • Randall

    Ever heard of a black guy shooting up a campus, elementary school or movie theater?. Exactly..most whit people are normal and good people. Some though, are still very stereotypical and scared of blacks. Maybe they’re scared that African-Americans have dominant physical genes. Or maybe its that we are naturally more outspoken and confident. Maybe subconsciously some white Americans still hate because they want to be us.. who knows. All I know is that one day in the summer, I was walking to the other side of the street and the car t hat was at the stop sign rolled up its driver window, (white woman) and left the passenger one down as I had to pass the car and cross the street. Stuff like this has been happening to me since I was a 10 year old kid…so yea.

    • Chukky

      LOL, I know what you mean, I’ll give you one better, Me and a friend of mine go fishing at the river, so we walk down this little path and see an open spot wide enough for the both of us, their are four white men fishing about 30 yards from us, they look at us and fear seem to come over them. now mine you, were just there to fish and we don,t crowd them, making sure they have much more space , well after 5 min’s they pack up and leave, we stay and spread out and catch all kind of fish, well finally the fish stop biting and its getting dark anyway so we pack up and leave, we have to walk up a hill and climb over a rail to get to our vehicle, when we climb over the rail we see the white men sitting in the car,,,THEY NEVER LEFT. well we pull out and I look in the rear view mirrow and see they have got back out and started back down toward the river, me and my buddy we laugh all the way home, its a shame some one is so insecure of being around another race that they would give up a great fishing spot , but hey; this happens a lot and we take advantage of their insecurities .

  • USMC_Hoosier

    The single greatest killer of black people in the US is other black people. Additionally, what happened to Michael Brown was not homicide. Evidence has shown Michael Brown in fact did assault officer Wilson. If we want racism to stop, we have to be truthful about what is going on. Stop race hating or this will never get better.

    • Chukky

      And the single greatest killer of white people is white people, people generally do crime in their own neighborhood. and what makes you think Michael brown assaulted the police officer, just because he said it,how do you get assaulted riding in a police car with a simi shotgun , a 38 revolver, a 1000 volt tasser , a 4ft long 22pd billy club, plus a set of brass knuckles on your side, all the while wearing a kelvar bullet proof vest, for anyone to believe this shit you have to be a racist of all racist or one very dumb ass person, and as the article states, you must be one scared ass punk armed like Wilson and still murder an unharmed citizen and cry …. I FEARED FOR MY LIFE. give me a break, GET SOME F…..G BALLS.

  • Schmitty

    Why do blacks insist on believing whites are afraid of them? Disgust would likely be a more accurate description. Perhaps black people should conquer their fear of being constructive members of a society they take so much from. Maybe stop listening to the gangsta rap and aspire to be more in life than an idiot. Stop blaming whitey and look in the mirror.

  • darryl bonner

    New black generation don’t give fuck bout that….we shootin

  • Mark B. Beard

    Jenn Jackson is ignorant. 93% of black people are killed by other black people.

    Police kill 3 times more white people then they do black people even though black people (who are 1/8th of the population) commit half the murders in the US.

    If you are white and kill someone you are 50% more likely to be sentenced to death then a black person.

  • Mike Larrabee

    Michael Brown was a thug. He was a thief and got what was coming to him. You hit a cop you should be shot. You walk into a store take what you want and shove the owner a side you should be shot. White, black, yellow, red, or purple with poke-a-dots you hit a cop you should be gunned down.

  • Nicholas

    The amount of racism, ignorance, and stupidity in this article and in the comments makes my brain hurt. I immensely regret clinking the link to this page.

  • Amanda