Album Review: Tank – ‘Stronger’ [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

tank_stronger_cover_cropWelcome to the new and improved Tank. His new album Stronger, releasing on August 12, represents a musical evolution. He dabbles in different musical stylings and takes his vocal to new places.

Read the track by track review below and sample each of the songs below!

1. You’re My Star  ★★★★★

This is the perfect introduction to the album. Utilizing a sample from The Jacksons, Tank’s lead  single “You’re My Star” is a 2-step feel good track aimed right at the grown and sexy. The horns give it that classic, Rat Pack vibe, and its simple, infectious groove will get you up and dancing.

2. Nobody Better ★★★

Here Tank cozies up with a synthesizer to espouse the greatness of his boo. He seems to have taken a bit of inspiration from Justin Timberlake in completely changing up the song midway through, and it suits him well. He has taken to a more upbeat sound swimmingly, and he is dripping in swag once he slows it down.

3. Dance With Me ★★★★

Another single off of the album, “Dance With Me” embodies a grown folk’s club track. The bassline is heavy, constituting most of the musical portion of the song. The lyrics are straightforward. And he even created a new dance, the “Love Step,” to complement the song. It is tailor-made for your next family reunion. And the serious funk he infuses into the song’s suffix deserves special mention. The guitar work is crazy, and Tank riffs his behind off.

4. I Gotta Have It ★★★★

The lyrical content of “I Gotta Have It” is pretty apparent from the title alone, but once again, Tank deviates from his usual modus operandi by not being so sex-heavy. Instead the guitar-driven track is more about an insatiable desire just to get next to someone. It’s downright playful.

5. Missing You ★★★★★

Tank really reached back for that vintage sound here. “Missing You” sounds like something Marvin Gaye would have recorded in his heyday. There’s horns, bongos, and other authentic instrumentation, all hallmarks of the Motown sound. Still, his own vocal stylings make this more of an original production than an impersonation.

Then he flips it into something more reminiscent of Boyz II Men and even spits a few bars. Once again, Tank proves that he is a leader in the genre.

6. Same Way ★★

This was a bit of a mis-step for the crooner. “Same Way” is much more in the wheelhouse of a Trey Songz or Chris Brown. That’s not to say that the beat doesn’t go hard or that he sounds foolish in any way; Tank is just better suited for a different type of music. He gets points for throwing in a little bit of Jodeci flavor, but on an album packed with such outstanding work, this one feels out-of-place.

7. Hope This Makes You Love Me ★★★★★

“Hope This Makes You Love Me” is one of the top tracks on the album. Tank goes back to his bread and butter balladeer style but puts a twist on it with a decidedly Prince feel with the ethereal falsetto on the chorus. He sits right in that sweet spot of poignancy and authenticity, part of the standard of excellence in his work, that sets him apart from so many singers on the scene.

8. Stronger ★★★★★

This is the title track for a reason. Production-wise, it is a monster. “Stronger” feels so important and anthemic through its use of an electric guitar and a marching tempo. And the lyrical content alludes to how his struggles have conditioned him to be who he is now. Of special note, it is nice to hear him belt out a tune after he have flexed his falsetto over so much of the album.

9. Thanking You ★★★

On “Thanking You”, Tank leans heavily on a strumming guitar and piano, creating a sing-song melody. This is more uncharted territory for Tank as his music has tended to be more urgent and serious in tone and delivery. The core of the song is largely forgettable, but his ad-libs bring magic to the track once he is no longer boxed in by the song’s structure.

10. If That’s What It Takes ★★★★

This is clearly the most interesting track on the album. Tank tries his hand at jazz on “If That’s What It Takes”, and he sounds like he is a regular at jazz clubs. The unique combination of clarity and grit in his voice is a perfect fit for jazz, and listening to the song, it is a wonder that he hasn’t attempted this before.

Overall, Tank has redefined himself and asserted his dominance in the R&B field. He is all over the map on this album, trying out different styles and pushing the limits of his voice. All of these risks have yielded bountiful rewards, showcasing the versatility of his voice and constituting a powerhouse of an album. I’d guess that the goal of this album was to expand his fan base stepping out of his typical lane and even breaking the mold from his TGT work. It’s a solid album and the genre sorely needs it right now.

Stream the whole album below and purchase your copy on August 12th!

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  • Akili Worthy

    I haven’t always been Tank’s biggest fan, but I’ve always known of his potential. His last album was my favorite “Tank” album, until I got the chance to listen to this one. His vocals are right on time! Something I could listen to with my man, or just chillin in the tub! Love cut 10…Definitely something different, but welcomed!