We Can’t Stop Fighting for the Humanity of Black Bodies

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  • Rita Arens

    I think the repetition of “black bodies matter” is the right tack to take. There is no arguing with that. It seems like we have needed to boil this down to it’s lowest common denominator to remove all the “yes, buts.” It’s exhausting, but yeah, I think it’s going to take beating that statement like a drum.

  • MyJennarocity

    I, too, think that they matter. I guess I just wished that they mattered always, not just when it’s a racial issue. I recently watched Johnathan Gentry on Fox News and watched a few of his other YouTube videos and I have to say that his stance is one I agree with. We should be as outraged with the killing of innocent black people by other black people as we are with the killing of black people by white people. I wish people were as outraged and upset about the gun violence in Chicago as they are about the issue in Ferguson. No offense to Michael Brown, but he wasn’t exactly without fault in this whole scenario – but the 3 year old killed over the weekend in Chicago by shootings was a true innocent who couldn’t defend himself. But, where is the outrage over his body? I agree, all violence against unarmed, innocent citizens should be met with outrage, but we seem to still focus in on the one or two that are racially fueled. Am I am way off base, here?

  • You have no proof that he was “senselessly murdered”, and every indication points to the overwhelming possibility that he died because he tried to use his black body (which does matter, I agree), even if unarmed, to assault this police officer and threaten his life. An unarmed man who is significantly larger than a police officer can assault that police officer and use the officers own gun to kill him, and it looks like that is what MB attempted in this case. It also stands to reason that he continued to threaten his life in some way after that altercation. He was not killed for being black, but he WAS most likely killed for trying to take another persons life. Police officers lives matter. Police officers lives matter. POLICE OFFICERS LIVES MATTER. It sure doesn’t seem like MB cared much for this officers life. http://buzzpo.com/caution-graphic-post-gentle-giant-mike-brown-liked-drugs-hos-killas-murders/