When You ‘Mistake’ Me for the Other Black Woman at Work…

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  • MissRell Soclassy Petty

    This is really an eye opener. I’ve never looked so deep into this issue. I’ve always felt like it was an honest mistake. This article really helps me re-think the situation.

  • motherlovin3

    This happens to me at work. At first I kindly said “no, I am so and so”. The last time it happened I said” no she is the other black person” . It upset me. My husband who is white just cannot why. And to make matter worse, the lady who referred to me by the wrong name let me know “you’re okay”. I wanted to say Bi!&%H what does that mean!.

  • Chuck Kinsey

    I totally agree. And it is kind of bizarre because I had a similar conversation with my African-American daughter last night. She works in a nursing home where the white patients can’t keep straight who she is. The kicker is that she said “It isn’t like we are Asians who really do all look alike.” I couldn’t believe it. SMH