First Ever Black Comedian To Co-Anchor SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’

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  • I don’t think there has been a season of SNL since 1988 that I haven’t watched. Now, that does not mean that I enjoyed them all yet since I did watch last season, I’ve gotta stand up for Cecily Strong! She wasn’t fantastic but she was likeable. And honestly, better than Joust. As for Che, I’m so excited! You are right, he is hilarious and it’s exciting to finally get a black comedian behind the update desk. But…two things. 1, he does not lean on race for his comedy but it is a central part of it. And that is OK! I’ve been a fan of Che’s for years and I would never call his comedy non-racial. 2nd, I’m not sure that “seasoned” is the proper term to describe his presence. “Comfortable” for sure, but seasoned brings to mind years and years of experience and I think it’s important to point out that in comedy years, Che is a newbie! He’s only been performing from the age of 26 and he’s just now 31.

  • Dusty Ayres

    Speaking as a black man, is it too much to wonder if black people are putting way too much on SNL to get black people or other people of color on the show, especially if they’re not talented enough, or are just there (like Tim Meadows obviously was?)