Traci Braxton on Her New Album, ‘Braxton Family Values’, and Sisterhood

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    My favorite sister….has to be Traci. For years I’ve not heard much from her, but she happens to always be there to support her sisters. Never hear from the Braxton brother but as a powerful gospel family in the news it has to be incredibly hard to be in the front of society behind popular sister Toni Braxton. Now hat they are all older everyone acts as if they need to be in the lead. When Toni left, the other sisters had to pull it together all of the sisters have some sort of talent, wheel except for solo Towanda.

    Toni was the most known talent of the family, but today each sister has a voice; how they put that voice to use is no one’s business Towanda.
    Getting jealous of Tamar and Traci…not acceptable. Both Tamar and Traci each found a husband, had a child, and lives however they want. At times it may even seem extravagantly; but both have indivual singing talent; both generates the personal time, income, and efforts to promote to live as she does.

    She maybe the baby sister, but she IS a successfully, grown woman; wife, mother, and sister. Different strokes for different sisters, Open your mind, and step back! “Design some clothes”, “buy a new home”, but something to get “you” off of all of your talented sisters.

    As an outside observer, it’s hard seeing one of the nicest sister getting dissed, overlooked, and expected to be at ‘every family incident/ gathering, concert, show, and/or award ceremony. Traci, also has her own life in Maryland; all forget that each sister has lives of their own first, and a few are wife’s and mothers. When your marriage ends, find a friend, go work out, redecorate your homes, but stop taking each other for granted. Support EACH OTHER achievements! Running to support one or the other IS UNACCEPTABLE under any circumstance. She has her own family who need her. Blood is not always thicker than water. Everytime there is a family disagreement why is Towanda in the thick of it?

    Toni and Tamar are the biggest let’s not do something…and if it’s a family gathering…’everyone’ is committed to try something at least once or twice at a Florida amusement family get-to-gether!
    If Toni has to wear gloves, wear gloves! Whining, whining, whining, like Bishop said… they ARE SPOILED. Get off a ride, get the biggest, smallest, but suffer the consequences if God doesn’t allow it to turn out well.We all have choices, pick the best choice with God’s help, be satisfied, but always look for the Big Picture! Being family, around family, among other families was the ulterior goal and motive. Being together, taken out of the norm isolated away from everyone IS/WAS NOT the end result ladies. Even Towanda FED an Ostrich, but soon after washed away the germs.

    So many, many people like, admire, appreciate, and thank these sisters. Not because of their own individual “talents” but because they are the Gospel singing group/sisters, The Braxtons. As adults none obviously they are different, and each feeling neglected, taken advantage of, but when Gabe was pushing his way back in, no one but his wife made the choice to take his sorry but back. When each sister shared their doubts about letting him back in…all this time as he wife established money…he steadily counted the income. It’s not like he had any experience IN BUSINESS, Abut it was at this time she should have set boundaries, made him sign an agreement or contract to specifically divide the percentage he would be entitled to if they should divorce.

    Every talented performer, whether actor, performer, business, musical, family group knows this. Divorce IS inevitable in Hollywood gor a reason. In marriage…not ‘everything’ IS negotiable. Problems in the arrive started before she got into business. If Gabe contributed in some way, they obviously in CA split it down the middle unless the wife put in more collateral.

    This goes for all the Braxton sisters and brother. Antavius, in do cussing the Discovery process…we know Gabe has no talent, fell in love with and married a Braxton. Gabe IS NOT entitled to any of the $175,000 or the Chick’s that Trina came up with to start her business. Gabe cannot take anything, he is not entitled to Bar Chicks. He came into the relationship with way less, brought pain and anguish into their relationship. Trina is an intelligent business woman. Traci, backbone…Yes, she IS a Braxton!

    I knew, as well as the others; Gabe, tacky Gabe was bad news enough to wander, get into some unnecessary interludes…. how ever it occured. Whatever his problems were she put her trust back in Gabe, and didn’t prepare for what is happening now. have have successful marriages, but being together, and showing the world how it’s done in Florida. Please together you are awesome talented individuals leading different lives. Remember that first, call on your sisters second, not expecting, but appreciating them appearing to listen or help out.