These 6 Entertainers Should Step Away From the Mic and Into the Light

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  • I’d like to add Maze, or better yet, Frankie Beverly to that list. I know they still draw crowds, but Frankie’s vocals get progressively worse with each performance.

  • I concur. They are legends. No need to mess that up.

    Also, your comment made me realize that this is an area where white performers get over. They aren’t the best entertainers in the first place, so when they age, their fans don’t get let down. But black acts have to always do the most. And Tina Turner is the only person that comes to mind that has still got it.

    Just imagine Beyonce 20-30 years from now. No way she’ll be performing anywhere near the level she performs now.

    • Jaster

      Did you really just say that white people aren’t good enough at entertaining, so their fans are never let down when they age? WTF? Being a “good entertainer” is highly subjective, but even if you Google the best entertainers many whites are included on the lists. The blatant white-bashing on this site is ridiculous.

      • Daren W. Jackson

        Hmmm … let’s shift the white focus of your response to minorities. Looking at the music industry as a whole, how many black performers are able to keep singing the same tired songs they put out decades ago and make millions on tours? Like I said earlier, imagine Beyonce and and Taylor Swift 20 years from now. Beyonce won’t be able to just sit on a stool and sing her biggest hits. She has to put on a whole production. Swift on the other hand?

        I rest my case.

    • Jaster

      Excellent deflection Daren! You and Jenn are really good at that!