Fact: Police Kill Black Boys 21 Times More Often Than White Boys

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  • Guest

    Cornel West was trying to get arrested in Ferguson. From http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/ferguson-october: “Addressing a rally the night before the demonstration, Cornel West, the writer and academic, remarked that he “did not come here to give speeches.” He came there, he said, to be arrested.”

    I’m not commenting about the article generally, just a (slightly false) circumstance mentioned in passing as supporting evidence of the thesis.

    • Actually, the supporting evidence isn’t false at all. There are plenty of white males who commit actual crimes and don’t get arrested. Darren Wilson ring any bells? George Zimmerman was only arrested after the public demanded it. John Crawford’s murderers have not been arrested. Vonderrit’s murderer is still free.

      There are many instances where whites (civilians and state officers) commit crimes, behave badly, or act in ways which appear as though they are “trying to get arrested” and they still don’t. So, you can try to attack my argument by derailing and focusing on semantics but you are completely wrong.

  • Tn Rural Carrier

    I’m sure it couldn’t be young black men committing more of the crimes, thus being arrested and shot more. Just wondering. Everyone knows that all whites are out hunting down blacks on a daily basis. It’s a sport in the south now like deer hunting, only there is no closed seasons, it’s open year round. All we white people think about is killing blacks, nothing else.

    We can all hope that someday whites will be as loving, understanding, and compassionate as our black counterparts, and the world will be a crime free place to live.