The Massacre at Emanuel AME Church and Our “White Problem”

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  • Sarah

    There is a person who drives his truck around part of the town where I work with a confederate flag on his car. Driving haphazardly, too. A reckless person and an idiot (bad combination). The first time I saw the flag I wasn’t sure I was seeing correctly. But I was, and I’ve seen it several times since. There is another person who does the same thing around where I shop for groceries. I don’t like when I have to go to those places anymore. I’m white. Even though I know where I live is still pretty upside-down I was scared and mad when I saw those stupid flags. I have good friends who they’re hurting with that, so it’s my problem too. It’s not a “they” problem. It’s apparently common for some people to act horrible because the amendments give the right of free speech. I wish more people would take that responsibly and know rights can be taken away, but they don’t.

    I thought of the Montgomery church bombing when I heard about this. I remember reading about it in high school, around the same time my class was reading “Warriors Don’t Cry”, along with other poems and literature from the Civil Rights Era. It stuck with me. I realized I didn’t know why some people thought it was so great to be white. Being white doesn’t feel great. It kind of feels normal, but then definitely not a great thing when racial superiority (no thanks!) comes into play. White should just be there, not a standard, not a glowing ideal. If the United Statesbwere really about freedom and fairness then we’d all be paid equally and have good education opportunities and we’d all be safe and skin type wouldn’t mean a thing.

    I’m sorry if I’m saying the wrong things. Sometimes I do say the wrong things and I make situations worse. I’ve never been as into blogs as much as these Water Cooler Convos (because you tell the truth) so I want to join the discussions and comment (even if my comments might be weird or bad) and help if I can. If my comments are bad I’ll learn to do better ones. I’ll share these articles and recommend them, and I hope that will be a good start. If empathy gets out there, a value that I think isn’t seen as important in America as independence (hah), then I think that will be a really good thing.