Why ‘We’ Care So Much That Jon Stewart Reacted to the Charleston Shooting

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  • Mary Burrell

    I loved what Jon Stewart said about the Charleston tragedy. He a white man talked about how the media and their deflecting b.s. too cowardly to call this demon racism what it is. This is not about mental health and guns. This is about racist white murderer killing innocent black people in church while they worshiped. The majority of whites will not stare into the abyss and see what this thing is and admit that they are complicit in this as well. As long as they stay silent they are complicit.

    • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

      Great points Sister Mary Burrell

      God Bless You.

  • anonsaga

    This was beautifully written and very true. It upset me to see it happen in Ferguson when the word of 9 Black eyewitnesses had to be corroborated by 2 White construction workers. To too many White people, a Black experience, a Black accomplishment, a Black life — is only valid after the White man’s say-so. As angry as that makes me, that’s them. It upsets me just as much to see Black people praising White people for things that Black people have been saying all along. I know that sometimes we are just relieved to have finally broken through to one of them but it’s just not our responsibility to try to legitimize our reality to them. We just have to continue legitimizing our own reality.